Severe Weather Solutions


Severe Weather Solutions is a manufacturer that specializes in impact windows and doors engineered to withstand major weather damage.

Brand Identity
Art Direction


Present a complete branding package that reflects a professional, high-grade craftsmanship and can easily be identified as a severe weather hardware supplier to be applied to modes of marketing including company trucks, website, business cards, etc.


To come up with the general logo shape, we derived from a recognizable symbol that represents one of the most devastating severe weather patterns—a hurricane—and combined it with the dominant letter of the brand, an “s”. The solid, block shape of the resulting logo represents the product strength and durability, and the spacing between the interlocking parts creates negative space in the shape of the “s” as well. We chose a simple but powerful color palette of black and red, which, like the hurricane symbol, is psychologically linked to severe warnings and weather coverage.

Client Feedback

“We are extremely pleased with what was produced by KRND. Not only was the response prompt and professional, but the overall outcome of our business logo, icons and business cards are impressive. We highly recommend for your visual marketing needs!” — Cody Collignon, Severe Weather Solutions

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