Good Girls Coconuts


Good Girls Coconuts is a Florida-owned fresh coconut water company that sells locally-grown coconuts to the public.


Brand Identity
Art Direction
Web Design

Good Girls Coconuts Cover


Create a brand look and feel with a logo that is able to transcend current trends and evoke a laid-back and fun lifestyle.

Good Girls Coconuts Logo


To develop the look and feel of the brand, we decided to hand-draw the logo to bring a completely unique element to the presence that, like the product provided to their customers, would not be found anywhere else. We included streamlined textures and patterns as a way to infuse an old-school island aesthetic that would hearken to a simple era while infusing the general look with bright and trendy color schemes. The final product was a balance that allowed for implementation on various items including branded merchandise and company transportation.

Client Feedback

“KRND was able to take our general idea of playfulness and our love of all things Florida and blend it with the aspect of our business that focuses more directly on living healthfully. We came to KRND with a few bits of inspiration but knew that their expertise would be perfect for our brand and wound up ultimately letting the design team take the reigns. We were so blown away by the results that we can’t wait to start another business just to see our ideas come to life again!” — Brittney Winters, Good Girls Coconuts

Good Girls Coconuts Bag

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